The DEGUWA International Conference
22. 04. 2016 - 24. 04. 2016

The DEGUWA International Conference on Underwater Archaeology, aptly titled “In Poseidon’s Realm,” is an annual event organized by our esteemed colleagues in Germany. Each year, this conference finds its home in various institutions across Germany. In 2016, the captivating city of Dresden served as the venue for this gathering. The Institute of Underwater Archaeology eagerly participated in the conference. We took the opportunity to showcase our research and highlight the remarkable feat of raising the logboat from the depths of the Ljubljanica River near Vrhnika. The conference proved to be an invaluable platform for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experiences with fellow experts in the field. It allowed us to deepen our understanding of underwater archaeology while forging lasting connections with international counterparts. The DEGUWA International Conference continues to offer a rich tapestry of discoveries, insights, and advancements that illuminate the mysteries of our underwater heritage.