Underwater survey of river Drava in Maribor
22. 02. 2022 - 26. 02. 2022

The left and right bank of the river Drava have been connected in Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia, since the city’s establishment in the 12th century. However, some scholars speculate that a wooden footbridge might have existed even during the Roman settlement of present-day Slovenian territory. Over the centuries, various wooden bridges were constructed and demolished. In the early 20th century, a new bridge replaced the medieval and modern wooden structures. During the Second World War, this bridge suffered damage, leading to the construction of a temporary footbridge. Our primary objective in conducting a technically challenging survey of the Drava River was to explore the area adjacent to the main bridge and assess its archaeological potential. Remarkably, we documented several wooden posts, but the question remains whether they are remnants of a Roman, medieval, or modern wooden footbridge.