Short and shallow survey of Savinja near Celje
17. 07. 2017 - 18. 07. 2017

During a hot summer weekend, in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana, we were invited by the Celje Regional Museum to conduct an underwater archaeological investigation in the Savinja River near Celje. Despite the relatively shallow diving conditions, with an average depth of approximately 0.2 meters, the study yielded promising results.

This particular area of the Savinja River had previously yielded Celtic silver coins in 1999. Our objective was to further assess the distribution of these finds and explore the potential presence of additional artifacts shedding light on the ancient city of Celeia. Through underwater exploration, we discovered a few more Celtic silver coins and clothing fasteners (fibulae) that were used during the Roman era.

These findings contribute to our understanding of the material culture and historical context of ancient Celeia. By examining the distribution patterns of these artifacts, we gain insights into the trade routes and economic activities that existed in the region during Celtic and Roman times. The underwater archaeological investigation in the Savinja River serves as a valuable scientific endeavor to uncover and document the rich history of this ancient site.